Sculptures, Objects

Extending innovation - 2005
Virgin or G-spot - 1996
glass, wire, weight -
Reference of Duchamp's "Virgin" compositions.
The tension streches the wire letters of the
word "virgin", suggesting the work's
potential destiny.
Untitled - Screwing Tables
 - engine, timer, wire, tables
A kitchen suspended on wires from a "work" table
is intermittedly pushed by a device on the wall to produce
linear, pendulum, circulare and subsequently all
sorts of erotic, soft movements.

Cloaca Massima - 1992
installation - cardboard paper, pipes, plants
Brain - sods of grass, iron, wood - 150 x 220 x 140
- collection of the Centre d’Art Contemporain - Domaine
de Kerguehennec (France). This artwork is based on a
Hungarian speech: 'Begyepesedett az agyam' that means literally:
'the grass grown on my brain' - that means: I became
stupid. Despite this speach doesn't exist in English nor in
French the message comes out to other people, too.
Untitled - 2008
Monument of Good Luck - 2000
sheet of glass, bicykles
selected drawings, objects, photos